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Obama McCain Dance-Off
Humourous Barack Hussein Obama and John McCain rap hip-hop break dance. Note that no presidential candidates were harmed in the making of this video.

Tags :
Comedy  Politics  Political  Baile  Danse  Tanz  Ballo 
Added: 4818 days ago by
Runtime: 02:43 | Views: 92158 | Comments: 78
     (6 ratings)
Ice Skating Goes Awry
Readying for ice skating competition. Surprise at the end of a double axle after warm up routine waltz triple loop in this wind up on water hazard thin ice. Thanks to special effects editing...

Tags :
Comedy  Iceskate  Rink  Sketch  FX 
Added: 4866 days ago by
Runtime: 00:23 | Views: 51569 | Comments: 49
      (3 ratings)
Turkey Wrestling
What happens if you have a big turkey to roast. Advert for Jenny-O Oven Ready Turkey just in time for Thanksgiving. Turkey is giant bird native to North America according to Wikipedia

Tags :
Comedy  Bird  Aves 
Added: 4873 days ago by
Runtime: 00:34 | Views: 38025 | Comments: 26
( Not yet rated )
Ice Scraping in Northern Europe
Ice scraping funny that is in Europe perhaps Scandanavian countries like Norway or Sweden.

Tags :
Comedy  Ice  Icescraping  Seasonal  Snow  Winter  Swedish  Norwegian 
Added: 5127 days ago by
Runtime: 00:43 | Views: 38893 | Comments: 31
     (2 ratings)
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